Stories yet untold...

There are plenty of stories left to be written in the Silhouette Universe, and author Geoph Essex is hard at work digging them out of...wherever it is he digs them out of. It's best not to pry. Here’s a quick peek at just a few of the stories arriving soon from that universe next door.

Mug shot of a coffee mug.

Veteran homicide detective Charlie Gelman doesn’t question witnesses—he questions the scene itself. He doesn’t interrogate a suspect—he just has a chat with the murder weapon.

But when inanimate objects themselves seem tangled up in a string of bizarre deaths, and they’re not answering his questions, Charlie knows there’s something strange going on...even stranger than his own unusual talent. And somebody—or some thing—had better start talking. It’s up to Charlie to solve the most baffling crimes of his career in Confessions from the Scene of the Crime.

A heart-shaped Van de Graaff generator.

Lu Volasko wasn’t born a private investigator—her father made her one, whether she liked it or not. Thanks to Joe’s meddling, Lu has an infallible and unstoppable talent for finding clues that won’t let up, even when the migraines get truly vicious.

On the trail of thieves who’ve pulled off what should have been an impossible heist, Lu heads halfway across the country with new partner-in-training Pen Duffy, a motorcycle-riding ex-ballerina with her own mysteries to solve. They find themselves hurtling forward to destinations unknown, as if pulled by the world’s most powerful magnet. But neither can possibly guess what awaits them at the climax of My Electromagnetic Romance.

Lightning flashes in a thunderstorm.

Divorced single mom Sharon Mastronelli—no, Sharon Seger again, damn it—has more than enough on her plate with her deadbeat ex, rebellious daughter, listless son, and overbearing best friend. If only it would stop raining all the damn time, she might be able to focus on the things that really matter...whatever they might turn out to be.

Lightning strikes twice: first literally, zapping the current object of Sharon’s ire—a well-meaning traffic cop—right out of his boots; then metaphorically, when she encounters a hitchhiking former Wall Street regular with a mysterious past. Caught up in his rugged good looks and shocking secrets, Sharon discovers that she has even deeper secrets of her own. When it rains, it pours—and Sharon’s about to face the Storm of the Century of the Week.

Andy reflects on his knife.

Andy Trout was already different enough—not many people make a hobby out of serial killing—when he was hand-picked by the spirit of New York City herself to help her take over the world. The job: travel from place to place, assassinating the weird beings who actually are those places incarnate, until New York is the only one left. The reward: a cushy spot in the new world order.

But not everything is as it seems, and New York plays her cards close to her vest. It takes a villain to know a villain, and Andy's been in the homicidal maniac business since before puberty. Armed with a knife capable of slaying geographical locations and unwillingly accompanied by the ghost of his latest victim, Andy’s ready to hack and slash his way through every puzzling encounter in an effort to determine which side he should be on. He may not be a hero, but he's not about to let himself be The Demon's Pawn.