Echoes from the Silhouette Universe...

Here’s what readers and critics have said about Silhouette novels so far.

Lovely Assistant - a novel by Geoph Essex

I just loved everything about this book. It’s a fast-paced and fantastical adventure; it’s an understated romance; it’s a comedy of errors. There are mysterious artefacts, scornful horses, and a serious deadline. The prose is beautiful and the metaphor colourful; the story is told in a lighthearted and comedic style that made me laugh out loud... right until it made me cry. There was plenty of tension with the looming apocalypse, but it was Jenny’s personal journey that broke my heart. Simply brilliant.

Rachel Cotterill, Writer, Rachel Cotterill Book Reviews

...the short version: I love it and I think you should all go buy it and read it and enjoy it. ... The prose reminds one of Douglas Adams writing, but it never comes across as an attempt at imitation of such. ... It is often funny, frequently poignant, and damned enjoyable. The highest praise I can give it is that I was bummed when I finally reached the last period and realized there was no more to read. It’s a goddamned good book and I enjoyed it immensely.

Les Jenkins,

This is such a fun and unique blend of humour, fantasy (or paranormal), and observations of the quirks of life that it’s challenging to describe. I picked this up on a whim because the description intrigued me and it sucked me in from the first page. It’s over the top in places, but is self-aware of the absurdities in a way that makes it all part of the fun.

Frankly, I want to see this on the big screen, too. It would translate better than most books.

Linden Cook, GoodReads

A new Douglas Adams ...

This could easily have been a Dirk Gently book. Combines crazy witty descriptions of simple situations, and oddball characters. It’s a little long but that means you can enjoy it longer.

Daniel, GoodReads

Author Geoph Essex introduces a new type of paranormal, magical, wizardry world. ... An ending that will surprise readers and a battle that is quite unique, different and will make you smile. ... A story that is quite unique, makes you wonder about life, death, just what would happen ... when your time to make your choice and find your next path is there.

Fran Lewis, Educator, Reviewer, Talk Show Host, Just Reviews

Jackrabbit Messiah - a novel by Geoph Essex

While this book doesn’t directly follow on from Lovely Assistant, there are a few incidental characters who cross over. The amazing, engaging writing style is another constant. And I couldn’t get enough of the characters: Amity is a wonderful heroine whose insight into human nature comes in very handy, and you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Maggie or Pauline. As for Jack, he’s on a heart-rending quest for stability when his super-power is the ability to slip away... from himself as much as from others. The mythology of the Silhouette universe is sometimes macabre, often whimsical, and ultimately very pragmatic. I think I’m starting to get a feel for how things fit together, but I just know there’s a lot more waiting to be uncovered in future books.

Rachel Cotterill, Writer, Rachel Cotterill Book Reviews

I’m sitting here attempting to write this review and pondering where to start but the only thought that comes repeatedly to mind is, I loved this book!

... reading Essex’s “quicksilver prose and uncompromising wit” invariably brought to mind another literary hero, Neil Gaiman and his spell-binding novel American Gods. ... Amity and Springer are entirely believable as characters yanked out of the everyday and confronted with what it means to be human.


The Prince(ess) of Chicago, the book’s demonic adversary, has to be one of the creepiest and horrifying bad guys/girls I’ve ever encountered. ... Essex’s descriptions of the concerted actions of dozens to thousands of people all under the perfect control of one absolutely terrifying entity engender potential nightmares for the rest of my life.

What I loved most about this book was the examination of connection and coincidence. ... each of the characters in this book is intricately and intentionally connected, their roles anticipated to absolute perfection. There is nothing coincidental about their involvement at all. The joy of the reading is watching as each of these characters realizes this fact and become better people for the realization. As a result the actual victory against the nemesis, for me, played second note to each of the individual’s harmonization of Purpose.

Essex delivers a book worthy of rubbing spines on the bookshelf next to any of Gaiman’s books. I’ll be rereading Jackrabbit Messiah again and again; anxious to discover new nuances I might have missed the first go-around. I couldn’t help but devour this book with ravenous appreciation.

Andi Houtsch, The Review Board