Lovely Assistant - a novel by Geoph Essex

Jenny Ng missed her last appointment, was hit by a car, and was hired by a magician on the same day.

And those aren’t even remotely the strangest things that happened to her this summer.

Jenny’s a typical New Yorker, too jaded too early, struggling to get by in the big city.

Of course, the typical New Yorker rarely has to deal with very large and sardonic horses, magic swords, severed limbs, and mirror images that refuse to cooperate with all that reflecting business. But Jenny learns to cope.

With the help of a clever conjurer, a few feckless friends, and enough Grim Reapers to fill out a football league, it’s up to Jenny to learn the finer points of Life and Death...and save the world while she’s at it.

Lovely Assistant is the first Silhouette novel, consisting of roughly equal parts comedy, action, suspense, adventure, horror, drama, and—of course—magic.

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Lovely Assistant is available for purchase on, both in print and as a Kindle book.

You can also buy Lovely Assistant on-demand, directly through the publisher. If you get in touch with Geoph Essex and say the magic word, you just might get yourself a discount code to knock 10% off the price.