Jackrabbit Messiah - a novel by Geoph Essex

Madmen and messiahs are often mistaken for one another.

But when a lunatic claims to be a deity, there’s always a third option: Maybe he’s crazy...and a god.

It doesn't take long for NYPD psychiatrist Amity Sheridan to diagnose her new patient as a schizophrenic with delusions of godhood—but that doesn’t explain how he survived a twenty-storey fall onto Eighth Avenue without a scratch. When Jackrabbit escapes—as he always does—Amity tumbles into a wider, woolier world of gods, legends and heroes recruited to perform an age-old ritual that keeps a terrible evil in check.

The key to defeating a villain that gobbles up minds and souls is Jackrabbit’s unique knack for being supremely—perhaps even divinely—elusive. Unfortunately, his talent for escaping even the gods themselves makes it that much harder for the good guys to track him down for the job...and their soul-swallowing foe is already laying out the good silverware for a world-sized meal.

Jackrabbit Messiah is the second novel set in the Silhouette Universe—a wild, fast and loose tale of modern day gods and the heroes who have to put up with them.

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