Silhouette is a small town in the middle of Illinois...but not the Illinois you know.

In the Silhouette Universe, magic is real, existence is a slightly hazy concept, and nouns are less prone to stick to strict and mutually exclusive categorizations like “person, place or thing.” Aliens drop by for tea (or just to play the stock market), fallible gods and eccentric immortals rub elbows with the neighbors, and death quite literally rides a pale horse. The average shmoe could very well turn out to be a former housepet, a messiah, or a squiggly horror from beyond. When stuff like that happens in our universe, we call it a surpassingly strange day. When it happens in the Silhouette Universe, they just call it Wednesday.

The story of Silhouette reveals itself—piece by piece—through the absurd modern myths told in the novels of author Geoph Essex, who either invented this stuff or knows something he's not telling. These are the bizarre but familiar fairy tales that span galaxies and parallel worlds...but always begin and end just up the street or in your own back yard.

Take a leap through the looking glass and start exploring the Silhouette Universe.